If you are a business owner, your workforce is your most valuable asset and in order to maximise productivity, there are aspects of human resources that require attention. In this short article, we offer some important information about HR strategies that every business owner should know,

  1. Recruitment – Get this wrong and it will likely be an expensive error; spending time and money training a person who leaves after a few months is never going to be good for an organization. If you have powerful HR analytics tools at your disposal, you can measure employee retention and if there are issues, pinpoint the weakness and resolve it.
  2. Measuring employee performance – If you are not measuring employee performance, how will you know who is doing well and who is not? A good HR agency can help you by setting up employee interviews and helping each worker to set 3 goals for the coming year and with regular one on one meetings with all staff members, this data can be used to create HR analytics reports that help you make data-driven decisions.
  3. Health & safety – We all know how hard it is to remain fully compliant with the UK Health & Safety guidelines; rather than asking your key staff to handle health & safety, simply search online for a leading HR agency based in London and they can carry out a needs assessment. It is worth noting that H&S officials can inspect your business at any time without warning; assigning H&S to an agency is the best way to ensure compliance and you receive monthly reports on every aspect of workforce management.
  4. Personal development – There must be opportunities for personal development; ambitious workers like to acquire new skills and you are the beneficiary, as productivity is high. There are government grants to help you with employee training. If you are not offering training courses to your employees, this is something you need to address.
  5. Terms & conditions of employment – If the terms & conditions of employment are unclear or incomplete, this will lead to conflicts and disciplinary issues, as workers will not know where the line is drawn, so to speak. When you partner up with a London-based HR agency, you have access to UK labour law experts who can help you draft the perfect employment T&C. In the event a former employee claims unfair dismissal, they contact the Ministry of Labour who are duty bound to investigate and that’s when you need legal advice.

Human resources are complex and with the help of a leading agency with hands-on experience in your sector, your employees will be happy and happy people work well.

Mackenzie Joey

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