Search engine optimisation (SEO) can bring more traffic and revenue to a website. However, constant changes in search engine algorithms can make it hard to know how to prioritise your SEO plan. Keep reading to know about the common SEO pitfalls and how to solve them:

Duplicate Content

Typically, duplicate content starts from sites scraping content from one site and posting it on their own website. However, the best SEO practice is to create unique and high-quality content that meets the requirement of Google to offer users a good experience. Websites with duplicate content will be seriously penalised by Google. And you can avoid this by working with the most reputable seo agency in Singapore.

Failure to Have Internal Links

Good content is expected to earn links and authority that will earn more organic traffic. Websites that fail to link blog posts internally to other site pages within their website will not pass such authority throughout the site. You need to look for ways to link to their sites within your blog posts.

When your post mentions certain keywords your site is trying to rank for, it must link to the corresponding landing page. This way, authority is passed from a blog post to other Web pages. Internal links are important to maintain your site’s authority and health.

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