Before choosing a carousell courier partner, it is necessary to confirm these elements.

Shipment pricing

Without knowing the pricing for the shipment, you cannot close a deal with the courier company. Hence, you should decide on the rate first. Depending on the weight and size of the product along with few other factors, the courier company will set a price for the transportation. You have to check the pricing and check whether it will be profitable to transfer the product at that price.

Delivery method

You may want your products to go to an international location. In such a case, you should go with a courier company that uses air transport to do so. Likewise, there will be several methods for the transportation process offered by these companies. You should choose the right type of method and company.

Delivery time

If you are selling through an e-commerce website, the customers would be expecting the products to get delivered within a predefined time. So, you should be sure of the maximum time for the logistics company to deliver the product.

Location coverage

You should look at the various locations where the courier company could deliver the products before uploading your order details.

GDEX, a trusted courier service with a growing South East Asian presence, promises timely deliveries. With our reliable people, perfected processes, and advanced platform, your parcels are in good hands.

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