Managers and leaders have the tough task of continuous strategic planning. They are expected to create a roadmap of action, which the entire organization is expected to follow. They also have another big role – to ensure that strategy is executed as per plans. Business owners, leaders, and managers are often expected to know everything, but even the best minds need help, the right set of tools, and a collaborative approach. Managers often choose to download a strategic mapping template, and they are not afraid of using software and tools for better collaboration and communication. Many are open to strategy coaching, to gain perspective and insight.

In this post, we are viewing how a strategy planning tool can enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability within an organization.

“Does our organization really need a strategy planning tool?”

That’s often the first question that entrepreneurs, owners and top management ask. Well, the need for strategy planning tool goes beyond just creating plans. It has a lot to do with management, execution of these plans. The basic purpose of a strategy planning tool is to facilitate collaboration. Since employees, executives, managers and leaders get connected on an organization-wide dashboard, it allows transparent communication and builds accountability. Of course, all strategy planning software products are not same, so features do matter when it comes to selecting one.

What to expect from the right tool?

The very first thing that matters is the interface. You want a strategy planning tool that everyone is comfortable using it. The best tools are cloud based, so progress notes and updates can be added in real time. Next, it’s important to check if the software can integrate with some of the common apps that executives use, such as Slack, Google Docs, and One drive. The software must be easy to deploy, should have an alert system for notifications, and must allow for data collection, generating reports and data mining. Popularity and reviews can be handy in making comparisons.

Final word

There is nothing more relevant for an organization than making plans work as per schedule, and that’s the essence of strategy planning& execution. Find a product that can be customized to the best possible extent, so that you can use varied things, including key performance indicators, or KPIs. It is also wise to evaluate the extent of support that the vendor offers, and whether they can assist with strategy coaching and consultation.

Mackenzie Joey

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