When doing high quality keyword research, you need a lot of time. Keyword research is a process where you need to look everything is audience’s perspective. You need to check which words they would use on search engines. Once you have done that, you need to analyze which keyword to go for first. Then, you also need to assess the competition. When you focus on the long tail keywords, it is considered a good strategy, particularly when you are trying to rank in a competitive market. This is hard and time consuming at the same time. Here are some tips suggested by Singapore SEO service when conducting keyword research.

  1. Do keyword research on a regular basis

Keyword research is a process which should be implemented every now and then. When you have a clear definition of a product or service you have on your website, then you must have a properly defined keywords or related keywords ready with you. Such keywords make your website work more awesomely and makes it findable for users as well. When your product and market will thrive, your keyword strategy will thrive too.

  1. The keywords must resemble the vocab of your audience

The main keywords you want the SEO to focus on must resemble the vocabulary of the audience. To have properly defined keywords, you need to think like the users when they search for your website. You need to determine what proper keywords people must use, how they search and what their intent is. Also, you need to consider that which issue does your website address and fix. You must have a list of all the search terms ready that users can use and also consider the combinations and nuances within these search terms.

  1. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This helps in finding new and related keywords, but neglect the search volume data. It is a planner that comes in handy for keywords when you are investing money to advertise. Or else, these volumes must never be relied upon. While it may not be able to determine which keyword is mostly used by your potential audience, Google Adwords Keyword Planner comes in handy to find potential keywords.

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