Security companies provide vital services in protecting your business, employees, and customers. Some security companies offer select services, while others offer a much wider range. Before contracting a security business, you should first consider what services you need, what they offer, and their reputation.


It is easy to determine the reputation of a security business by searching through the Internet. You can read through their reviews. However, reviews can easily be falsified with fake social media accounts. Although it is a good start to determine whether or not the security business is a good fit, you should meet with the business in person. During your consultation, you can ask them questions on how they manage breaches, assist in dangerous situations, and what their certifications include.

Consider Smaller Businesses

A larger security company does not always mean they are better. Larger security companies have a greater number of employees they must vet and rely on. They will also have a higher turnover rate and overhead costs that will translate into your service costs. You can receive the same and more personalised services at a smaller security company (known as บริษัท รักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai). You can easily talk to someone, address concerns, and create a detailed service plan that fits your needs. If something were to go wrong, it is much easier holding them accountable than fighting big corporate lawyers.

The Services

Security companies provide a wide range of services including security guards, event security guards, and VIP security guards.

  1. Security Guards

Unlike security cameras, security guards can quickly intervene during a situation. A security camera will only record the event. If the culprit is wearing a mask or another disguise, it would leave cops with little ability to follow up on the intruder.

Security guards offer employees, customers, and management a sense of security. They will feel safer in the workplace. If employees have to work late at night, they can be escorted to their vehicles.

Security guards also deter vandalism and theft. An intruder is statistically less likely to cause harm to your business once they see security guards blocking entry ways.

  1. Event and VIP Security Guards

If you are holding a special event or VIP dinner, you may want to consider hiring security guards. Rather than contracting a security guard company for the long-term, you can hire them for these specific events. They will make your guests feel comfortable and safe during the entertainment.

If a guest becomes unruly, VIP and event security guards are trained on how to properly remove the guest. They will notify police and detain the guest until the police arrive.

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