Shifting consumer choices, escalating production costs, and increasing competition – These are common concerns that businesses share, regardless of the niche, industry and other factors. Packaging is one of the core aspects of selling a product, and it works as a great marketing component too. Creating the perfect product box can be a confusing and overwhelming task, which is why we have listed a few amazing ideas that brands can consider.

Look for reliable packaging manufacturers

If you don’t have the resources to design & conceptualize your product boxes, the best idea is to find a manufacturer with extensive experience. Many packaging companies have their own team of design experts and graphic designers, who can help in creating the right product box, and as required, they can even offer warehouse for boxes. To think of it, you don’t need to have an in-house team for these tasks, and since commercial space is always expensive, you can use warehousing services to get boxes shipped when you need, as per the production cycle.

Understand your product

Every product is unique and has its own packaging needs.  A product box needs to be of the right shape and size. If the box is too huge, you will need extra packaging material to keep the product in place, and in case the box is smaller in size, the product may not fit or there can be considerable physical damage during transit. Secondly, you need to consider what the consumer may expect in terms of a product box. Your competitors may have some ideas that you can consider, but more importantly, it is necessary to create an unboxing experience.

Think of the future

Consumers are quick to accept and reject a product, and most people are now aware and conscious of the choices they make and the brands they choose to get associated with. You have to design a product box that’s geared towards the future. The first aspect in that direction is sustainability. For example, if you go for corrugated boxes, you can actually choose to advertise that your company doesn’t use plastic at all or only relies on recyclable materials. Secondly, find ways to save on printing costs. Minimal designs are in trend at the moment, and we strongly recommend that you consider your brand values before finalizing the design. Keeping things simple is often the best way to go.

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Mackenzie Joey

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