It is often very hard for technicians and workers to get their rights because there are many times nobodies regulating them. With an s pass, they get a lot of assurance and safety if a Singapore company employs them. The pass for people from different countries employed as a technician or a worker by and company in Singapore.

The Perks Of An S Pass

  • The company’s application for an S pass is done by employing the person, and the company also has to sponsor the person.
  • If any foreigner is being hired, the company must pay at least 2400 SGD to the employee under this pass. This is the minimum fixed wage.
  • Other than the minimum fixed amount, the employee should be paid based on his skills, age, experience, positions, and other important factors in this aspect.
  • Every employee with an S pass gets free medical insurance paid by the company that employees him.

Improving Lives

Anyone who holds an s pass gets a large number of benefits from it. This helps improve the lives of the people who truly need it and are qualified and hardworking at the same time.

Mackenzie Joey

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