What is the last mile delivery process? The last mile, also known as “closing the loop,” is a term that refers to an order fulfillment strategy which means that products are delivered directly from a distribution center to the customer’s home. This article will discuss how this last mile Singapore process works and what steps need to be taken to work effectively.

  1. Receiving Packing Orders: The warehouse workers need to receive packing lists from company management, including what needs to be packed in each order.
  2. Picking Orders: The warehouse workers will need to pick the items listed on the packing list in the correct quantities, using a conveyor belt or picking cart that can carry multiple orders at once while increasing productivity by minimizing travel time between shelves and picking locations.
  3. Packaging Orders: After the items have been picked for an order, they will need to be packaged. This can include bagging or placing each item into a box that needs to be sealed and labeled before being loaded onto trucks destined for delivery locations.
  4. Warehouse Management Software: Warehouse management software must be used to keep track of inventory, orders, and shipments.
  5. Transportation: After an order has been packed for shipment, it will need to be loaded onto a truck that then travels directly to the customer’s home or business to complete last mile delivery.

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