For any start-up company there are a few parts of the business that you have to get right from the very beginning. One of these is your thought-process on the branding and image that you want your company to have. Your brand image is the beating heart of your company. It should speak to the ideals of the company, be instantly recognisable to customers, potential customers, employees, and the wider general public eventually. A strong, relatable brand is south-after by start-ups, as it allows them to build from a solid foundation from day one.

Your brand is your tone of voice, your visual identity, it is what sets your company apart from your competitors. With the right choice of brand image, you can create a reputation that has a unique personality, a specific image and a voice that is different from your competitors. This is important, as it allows customers to grab on to something that speaks to them immediately and implores them to keep coming back to you time and time again, as well as recommend you to others. A good brand image will instantly tell a story, be trustworthy, transparent and genuine.

Think about it, the most established brand names in the world such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Amazon or Netflix, each conjure up specific images in your mind immediately. If you see the logos, typeface, colour scheme, or anything to do with the brand image of these multinational corporations, wherever you are in the world, you are instantly hit with a sense of familiarity and you know what you are about to receive will be the same as any other location on the planet.

Although you are dealing with brand image on a much smaller scale as a start-up company, these companies once started off small too and had to create a brand image that it stuck to. Establishing what it is you want your company to stand for is important, as your brand image will be created from this starting point. The best businesses will tweak certain aspects of the brand over time (you’ll see tweaks to logos and mottos for example), but they always come from a truthful starting point. This is where you need to work with a digital agency that will get to know your company inside out and create branding from a grain of truth.

Make sure that you choose to work with a design agency that has experience of creating branding from scratch for brand-new businesses, but also an agency that understands how to tweak and improve branding for those companies that already have existing logos and branding in place. That way you can ensure you are dealing with a design and branding agency with a clear vision of how to assist its clients in maximising the potential of the brand, whilst creating clear branding guidelines that will stand you in good stead for many years to come and provide clarity not only to your customers but also your suppliers and employees. Branding is one of the most vital aspects of any business and should always be in place as early as possible in the journey of a start-up.

Mackenzie Joey

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