Pipe recovery is a widely used process in the oil and gas industry focused on taking out the stuck pipe from the wellbore. Companies that offer wireline services also offer pipe recovery services. Usually, pipes get block during drilling and digging of the well. This can be due to friction in well formation, tight wellbore, or extreme pressure on pipe from the outside. Recovery tools are used to bring back the blocked pipe and well logging equipment at the top of the well.

Using Pipe Recovery Tools

Pipe recovery tools are used in identifying the location of the blocked spot inside the wellbore. Also, they can back off that pipe that gets stuck in the well and cut the pipe in downhole from the blocked point. When pipes get stuck, this problem can be immediately resolved by saving your drilling time.

Tools Used for Separating Stuck Pipes from Free Portion

The stuck pipes can be made separate from free portion through the use of the following tools:

  • Chemical cutters. These tools help in cutting off the pipe through the chemical reactions between the cutting fluid and the pipe metal. The chemical goes down in a wellbore through the tool’s nozzle head. As the fluid comes in contact with the metal pipe, an exothermic reaction takes place and the resulting heat will cut the pipe from the blocked end.
  • Mechanical cutters. These tools are attached to electrical wireline services and dropped down in the wellbore to cut the stuck pipe. When cutting the pipe inside the well, the tools perform electro-mechanical rotations. Such cutters are ideal for soft pipes and alloy pipes as well as provide precise cutting without harming the well casing or other parts of the pipe.
  • Abrasive cutters. These tools are particulate like sand, glass beads, and calcium carbonate used for cutting stuck pipes. They pumped on the blocked side through the nozzle.

  • Radial explosive cutters. These cutters are lowered down into the well to cut the stuck string. They make use of the mix of powdered metal burned at high temperature. When the mixture is burned, it becomes molten plasma that ejects through a nozzle onto the string.

These cutting attachments can be used to separate the free part of the pipe from the blocked part during drill rig applications. If your business can perform pipe recovery on your own,  contact a professional or reputable agency that offers pipe recovery services.

The Bryan TX Wireline Services Company is popular for its dedication to service and commitment to quality features. They are just a call away to provide a wide variety of high-quality wireline services for all your pipe recovery and completion requirements. They work safely with both small and large companies across the nation.

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